We feel a deep commitment to the ongoing care of our products, even after they have left our studio for their final destination. The following instructions will help you to properly clean and care for your DUNN pieces. When moving, installing, or handling fixtures, use nitrile or cotton gloves. This prevents fingerprints and finish damage caused by the oils from your skin. Use extreme caution when spraying chemicals or cleaning agents around fixtures.


Our metal work is treated and sealed by one of our various finish options including patinas, clear coats, powder coating, or a light layer or protective wax. Use a duster or dry, soft cloth to gently clean. Wet cleaning can leave streaks and particulate matter; however, wet cleaning will not hurt the piece if more aggressive cleaning is necessary. Never use solvent-based cleaners. Do NOT use metal cleaners on sealed metals as they can strip the surface treatments, coatings, or sealers.


Mild glass cleaners can be used on our glass; be sure to use formulations meant for transparent glass as those not meant for transparent glass can leave the surface foggy. Quickly follow the application of a cleaner by polishing with a dry cloth.


Our wood finishes provide a durable protective coating to the surface and penetrate deep into the wood. Dirt, spills, and regular wear are best attended to as they happen. Use a dry or lightly dampened cotton cloth to clean. Never use solvent-based cleaners. Do not store in damp or extreme temperature environments. Never set wet objects or hot objects directly against surfaces.


Please take care when handling lampshades. Always move lamps by supporting the base with one hand and the neck with the other. Never lift lamps by by the lampshade. To clean, gently vacuum or wipe with a damp cloth.